We are Family, We are Sacrifice

We are all about two things here at Dayspring Church.

We want you to know that we are all family here. Whether you are coming for the first time or have been here for ten years, we consider everyone to be a part of our family. We try our best to be friendly, welcoming, and let you know that you may come as our guest, but you will leave as our family.

But what does family mean? We want everyone to know that we are trying to do life together… Encouraging one another… Praying for one another… Supporting one another. We know that faith is a journey and we are just asking you to let us take that journey with you.

But what also is very important is that We are Sacrifice. We want to be about serving the people, the community, and the city around us. Jesus asks us to give all of ourselves to Him, and so we want to do that. But He also asks us to love our neighbors, so that’s what we want to do; putting aside our own comforts for the sake of our community’s needs. If we aren’t willing to give of ourselves, then we have no purpose. So while we focus on being family, we also strive to give as much as we can to make an impact on someone else.

What Does This Look Like?

Obviously, we can say what we are about, but it doesn’t matter unless it’s put into action! Here we chose a few areas in which we can do our best to excel at who we are. So what are those areas?

Engaging God – First and foremost, we get with God. Everything we do begins and ends with Him. Otherwise, we are just a club that can do nice things. We want to help you engage in a real relationship with a Creator who loves, cherishes, and desires YOU! So we focus on getting that done, whether it be with Sunday morning Worship, baptism, encouraging Bible reading, gathering together for prayer, or engaging with the sermon.

Engaging Discipleship – The faith journey doesn’t end at acceptance and baptism. It’s a journey we all take, and it’s a process in which God wants us to grow to be more like Him. This is done by engaging in discipleship. It’s a big word that just implies that we want to take you deeper into God’s word and help guide you as you learn more about Him. We all need discipleship, from the Pastor down to the occasional attender. We are just letting you know that you don’t have to do it all alone.

Engaging Service – A habit of Jesus was to go and serve those who came to Him BEFORE He would speak truth into their lives. It was a way of engaging people where they were, because they had needs. Jesus gave of Himself, disregarding his comforts, so that others could have their needs fulfilled. We want to do the same thing. We want to focus on getting outside ourselves and loving on a community. From small gestures to big service projects, our desire it to bring positive change to the city in which we live.