What does Sunday morning look like?

When do you start?

We start at 10:30 on Sunday mornings, but we tend to show up early to hang out with each other.

How long will I be sitting?

Services typically range from an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

What’s the style of music?

Our style is contemporary (guitars, drums, etc.) but our choices can range from brand new music to full band style hymns. We like ‘em all!

Tithe and Offerings?

We want to make this more focused on the worship behind the act. SO we changed things up, so that instead of passing a collection plate, we have two baskets up front for your convenience, and to take away the awkwardness of people staring at you. You are free at any time during the worship to place your tithes and offerings in them. Is it your first time? Don’t worry about it. We want you to be able to give in a way that’s worship, less about us and more about God.

What’s the Dress Code?

We aren’t super formal, so wear what you are comfortable in. If you like t-shirt and jeans, rock it. Are you more of a suit and tie kind of person? We won’t stop you. Dresses? Only if you want. We want you to be comfortable, so just be you.

What about the kids?

We want your kids to have an awesome church experience. But we also want families to know that we value that very thing… family. So as of right now, we split the service into two parts. We are all together during the music portion of our worship service, because we think it’s important for families to worship God together. Then, right before we get into the sermon, we release the kids to go have a Sunday school so that they can learn in a fun environment. Just check your kids in before service starts for a touch of security, and then you and your kids can focus on the worship.

What do you guys believe?

This can be summed up over on our Vision page, as well as on our denominational page at wesleyan.org/about.